We have a successful track record as evaluators which centres on:

  • meeting clients’ needs – being flexible and sensitive to their changing circumstances.
  • carrying out a fair and accurate evaluation – ensuring our methodology is thorough and appropriate and that our findings are evidence-based.
  • providing clients with a useful evaluation report in which they feel they have ownership and which offers them helpful and clear recommendations.
  • ensuring good value for money – charging fairly for the work we do and keeping to agreed deadlines and budgets.

Comments from previous clients on our evaluations:

“We were all impressed by the thought-provoking questions posed during the course of the evaluation.”

“The evaluation has been immensely helpful in the preparation of an action plan and has helped us in developing a strategic vision.”

“The evaluation was invaluable in providing feedback from clients and providers in a positive and independent way.”

“The professional, thorough and critical approach by the evaluators to their task of  monitoring and evaluation was good. This gave them some excellent critical insights into the processes behind the pilot project and helped them reliably identify outcomes as well as pinpoint the areas for improvements, which they brought out in the evaluation report.

Thank you very much for your excellent work on the evaluation of the project!”

“I found your service very thorough and good and liked that we could talk on the phone and that we developed and learned from the interim report for the final one. I also valued your flexibility with my need to put the dates back slightly.”

“Good relationship with consultants – they were responsive to our needs and met them well.”

“The relationship with the consultants was very good – they were very sensitive to the work that our charity does.”

“The final report was very good and covered all the points that were needed. It was also very clear.”

 Feedback on our training:

“This was one of the best training events I have been on – really like lots of solid well explained theory and principle. Very high quality. The trainers were excellent.”

“A very useful and well run programme. Diana and Avan work very well together.”

“Extremely useful to my project and future project work, especially in focusing on the outcomes and providing this information to our funders. Has also helped in understanding funding applications.”

“Very clear delivery and presentation and a concise explanation of outcomes. Also felt that you really understood our organisation which helped make the workshop appropriate and specific to our needs.”

“It was a well-paced course with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and reflect on what we had learned.”

“I have used many business planning models but I think this is the best I have seen and it was very well and simply communicated.”

“An enjoyable and informative two days.”

“Thanks for all your help – I really enjoyed this course. It could have been a really dry subject but you made it really interesting.”

“Great course and you both did a really good job. Thanks!”