Our publications include:

  • Making Connections – Using a theory of change to develop planning and evaluation, with Dr Jean Ellis, for Charities Evaluation Services (2011)
  • Assessing change: Developing and using outcomes tools. This guide is a practical handbook to help you identify and develop ways to collect information on the outcomes of your work, that is, to track the difference your work is making. It takes you through the process of deciding whether to design your own monitoring tools or to use one of the many tools that already exist. Available to download free. (2010)
  • How to design and use free online surveys. This guide provides some useful tips on choosing an online survey-provider and designing an effective survey. It also includes a comparison chart of 13 different providers. Available to download free. (2010)
  • Using IT to improve your monitoring and evaluation. This workbook covers the steps and issues you need to consider in developing appropriate computer systems that will help you monitor and evaluate your work. You can also download a free worksheet, featured in the workbook, to help you develop an ICT system to support your monitoring and evaluation. Available from Charities Evaluation Services for £14 plus 10% postage and packing. (2009)
  • Outcome and Outcome Indicator Banks: Availability and Use. The report identifies existing banks and how they are being used; their strengths and weaknesses as a resource; and makes recommendations for further developments in this area.
  • Keeping on track: a guide to setting and using indicators. This step-by-step guide aims to help third sector organisations improve their skills in setting output, outcome and process indicators. It also covers gathering information on these indicators and how to make use of the information you gather. Available from Charities Evaluation Services for £14 plus 10% postage and packing. (2009)
  • Putting outcomes into practice: A guide to developing IT-based outcome data management. A guide that brings together learning from organisations that have developed, or are in the process of developing, IT systems to help them manage their outcome data. (2005)
  • Putting an outcomes focus into practice: the need for IT-based outcome data management systems. Report of a market research study investigating which IT-based outcome data management systems are being used by homelessness agencies and the demand that exists for establishing such systems. (2005)